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ObjectiveTo develop advanced boat handling and tuning skills and prepare you to sail
flat out in strong winds.
Previous knowledge / experienceYou must have completed the Improving Skills course and been sailing regularly.
If you have not been regularly practising these skills you will need to do so
prior to the course, minimum of 20hrs as helm, or extend the length of this
course in order to allow time to do so.
Types of BoatsThis course may be completed in any type of sailing dinghy, small keel boat or
catamaran. However, you must have completed Improving Skills, or have
proved equivalent experience, in a similar type of boat.
Duration4 - 10 days
AssessmentAssessment is continuous throughout the course. However, your instructor may
also choose to use a formal practical assessment of boat handling skills and a
short written paper or oral interview in assessing your level of background
By the end of this course you will be able to do the following:
RiggingRig any sailing boat.
TuningIdentify and demonstrate / describe the use of the following in order to optimise
the boat / rig for a particular set of conditions:
 Mast Rake
 Rig tension
 Spreader length & angle
 Mast ram / chocks
Use boat and rig controls to optimise the performance of the boat in a variety
of conditions.
Boat Handling Demonstrate all of the skills covered in the “Sailing Manoeuvres” section
of the Basic Skills course in strong winds.
 Set up and control the boat while on a plane.
 Perform an effective roll tack in all wind strengths.
 Perform an effective roll gybe in all conditions
 Sail effectively without a rudder
 Sail a tight circular course
 Follow the leader
Boat SpeedDemonstrate techniques for maximising speed in waves
 Demonstrate optimum course to steer and steering technique on all points of
Sailing KnowledgeDescribe how to optimise effectiveness of hull, spars and sails within
class rules.
 Describe how sails interact and demonstrate techniques to maximise this
 Demonstrate a range of activities designed to develop and practise specific
aspects of boat handling & boat speed.
hat next…? Describe how to continue sailing and develop your sailing skills and

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