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ObjectiveTo introduce you to sail boat racing and develop your skills and knowledge to a
level where you can comfortably race at club and inter club level in Ireland.
Previous knowledge / experienceYou will be expected to have completed, or have experience equivalent to Improving
Skills. A minimum of 20hrs experience as helm is recommended.
Types of BoatsThis course may be completed in any type of sailing dinghy, small keel boat or
catamaran raced at club level in Ireland. Your certificate will show what type of
boat(s) you used.
Duration4 - 10 days
AssessmentAssessment is continuous throughout the course. However, your instructor may
also choose to use a formal practical assessment of boat handling skills and a
short written paper or oral interview in assessing your level of background
By the end of this course you will be able to do the following:
Regatta / Race Preparation How to access race information / Sailing Instructions
Boat Preparation, Care &
 Prepare a boat for a race.
 Identify what tools and spares you should have and demonstrate that you
can care for and use them.
Personal Preparation Describe the importance of diet, hydration, sleep and exercise in maintaining
a healthy active lifestyle.
 Conduct a pre-and post sailing warm up / cool down routine.
RulesOutline Part 1 and Part 2 (rules 10—14 & 18 only) of Racing Rules.
TacticsAt the start of a race:
 Determine if there is any bias to the line
 Be able to start at the right part of the line
 Control boat speed and position relative to the line
 Know when you’re sailing in dirty air and what to do
StrategiesApply key considerations to the course sailed:
 On first upwind leg
 On upwind leg
 Down wind leg
 Reaching legs
 Approaching marks
 Approaching the finish
TechniquesRound a mark to best effect.
 Racing tack
 Upwind laylines
 Overtaking on reaches
Race Management Describe common race courses.
Describe the flags and sounds used for a start sequence.
WeatherIdentify the implications of the forecast weather on a race course.
Describe what local weather effects are likely to be in the area where the
course is run and how these may affect your racing.
Tides & CurrentsDescribe where there are likely to be stronger and weaker currents on a race
area and how these may change during the day.
Sports knowledge Describe the classes of boats sailed in Ireland.
Describe the club and class racing structure in Ireland.
What next… Describe how to continue sailing and develop your sailing skills and knowledge.
Logbook requirements
(These are optional to achieve
the Go Racing certificate)
Assist an ISA qualified Race Officer in running 2 club races.
Log participation in a minimum of:
 6 club races as helm
 6 club races as crew
 1 interclub regatta (minimum 3 races)
Where this is available, some Training Centres may require additional races to
be logged at club or inter club leve

Course Syllabus (PDF)

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