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In Jan 2017 Irish Sailing launched ChecKlick, an electronic Sailing Passport and Logbook. 

Participants must now provide an email address for issuing of Certificates. Foynes Yacht Club Sailing Academy require that email addresses must be for a person Over 18 Years.

The Irish Sailing charge a €3 registration fee which we have included in the course fee. On the first day of attendance at an Irish Sailing Certified Course we will register you on ChecKlick and you will receive an email with your login details to view certificates.

To log on to ChecKlick go to:

Login: FirstnameLastaname (all one word – this is the name of the sailor)

Password is Date of Birth of the sailor in the format : YYYYMMDD

Further details can be found on:

Logbooks on Checklick

You can now keep a record of your sailing time on Checklick. You can record this time as participation in a structured course, racing time or simply personal improvement time on the water.

Log on to your Checklick account.
Select :                                                            Logbook.
From the drop down menu select :          Personal Sailing Log
Type of boat :                                                e.g. Topaz, Opti-bat
Conditions :                                                  e.g. Wind force using the Beaufort Scale – Wind strength in knots –                                                                                             Precipitation – Sea State

Click here to view the Beaufort Scale

Venue:                                                          Foynes Yacht Club
Activity:                                                       e.g. Sailing Course (Start Sailing), Supervised sailing
Personal Notes:

The Sailing Academy will continue to sign paper logbooks for any young sailor who has one.