Pat Lawless – Golden Globe Race

We were sorry to hear that Pat Lawless has recited from the GGR.

Pat retired from the GGR around the world following problems with his self steering Aries system which developed on his Saga 36 Green Rebel recently.

Since the race started on September 4th in France, he had been consistently in the top three. Pat showed tremendous courage and seamanship in the Atlantic, always sailing in the front of the fleet while addressing various injuries at sea but his ultimate goal was to be the first Irish man to sail solo unassisted, non-stop around the world.

He faced both the barnacle invasion and a wind vane issue. He solved the first one at the first opportunity but did not have the spares for his Aries wind vane broken bearing.

On his arrival in Capetown he said he was very disappointed and particularly for all his sponsors and supporters who had done so much for him.

He has made arrangements for repairs and his intentions are to sail Green Rebel back to Ireland.

Pat received a great welcome from Commodore Niall Gregory at the Royal Cape Yacht Club.

We are disappointed for Pat after everything he did to get this far, but unfortunately it was out of his control. We at Foynes Yacht Club, Munster, and Ireland, are very proud of Pat, to be consistently in the top three, showing so much courage and seamanship, a great achievement!

We look forward to hearing all his stories on his return to Ireland.